it's never been easier to make smoothies & bowls at home!

passion smoothie

2 dl mango juice
1 pack passion fruit
1 pack mango

use a blender or a hand mixer.

to make a bowl, add less juice.

non-blender bowl

2 packs of your choice

de-frost, cut open, squeeze and put the pulp in a bowl.

add fresh berries and your favorite toppings.

tasty mocktails

packs of your choice.

add your favorite juice or soda.

blend until you're happy.

follow smoothie recipe if you want a thick "frozen mocktail".

scoop a

use the scoopable 400g Açaí bowl.

de-frost in room temperature for about 20 minutes.

scoop - top - enjoy!

straight from the pack

enjoy our smoothie packs straight from the pack like a popsicle. the kids love it!

quick, easy and super tasty!

100% fruit - all natural